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The idea for this bag came from goofing off on twitter. Someone was talking about being unable to find dresses in dazzle camo, and I thought, huh, I bet you could find fabric and make one pretty easy, and I went to search to pass on a link, only to find that no, nobody makes dazzle camo fabric. In fact, it’s pretty hard to pin down exactly what dazzle camo was, except very rectilinear, contrasty paint jobs. Not a lot of photos out there, at least while I was searching. So, since I had several colors of different fabric, I decided to make some.

The exterior of the bag is two kinds of 1000d codura (the black and yellow stripes) and two types of Dyneema. The grey stripes are Dyneema 5oz melange, from ripstop by the roll, and the white stripes are 5oz laminate, from the same place. All of the external fabrics have a DWR coating on the inside, but are not seam sealed. The liner is 5oz dyneema melange as well (same as the gray stripes) and does have seam sealing applied internally. Should be fine in a rainstorm, don’t drop it in the ocean.

The front pockets include velcro for attaching our small object organizers (sold separately), or your own custom pouches for whatever you need always at the ready. Internally, there is a padded sleeve made to fit a 16” macbook pro. There are also strips of velcro for adding camera bag dividers, padding, or organization to the main compartment.

Posted by Matt on 2021-02-11T08:26:59Z GMT


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