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This bag was made after the experience of having a bunch of bags that were overfitted. Like, I knew exactly what I wanted to carry, and I’d been making bags that were exactly that size. So there wasn’t any room for flexibility. One night, I just decided to throw that out the window and just make a satchel bag that had considerable wiggle room. This satchel is the result.

It’ll fit an iPad 11”, a medium SLR system (body + 3 lenses), various batteries and sundries. Overall dimensions are something like 12”x8.5”x4”. I need to make a couple that are slightly larger, to accommodate a 13” laptop. Maybe a macbook air? or the 14” pro maybe. This design is super flexible; it can be adapted from something maybe 10x8x3 to something very large. Skinny, fat, whatever. This will be one of the two designs I launch the bag-o-matic with; this and a classic one piece messenger.

Posted by Matt on 2021-12-13T11:09:17Z GMT


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